Shown in Carbon Fusion – Granite over Champagne with Carbon Kevlar Trim with optional Stern Carbon Footbar and Bow Sliding Seat


Keewaydin 17

We redesigned this lightweight canoe from its original design by narrowing the paddling stations, creating a sleeker hull shape, lowering the seat positions, to create a dynamic multi-purpose boat for multi day canoe tripping. For couples who want a fast tripping boat, or for small families in need of a lake country tripper, the Keewaydin 17 is the perfect choice.

Ideal For; Multi Day Canoe Tripping, Day Tripping, Easy Portaging

Standard Options: Contour Seats, Contour Yoke

Shown in Carbon Fusion – Granite over Champagne with Carbon Kevlar Trim with optional Stern Carbon Footbar and Bow Sliding Seat

  • Optimum Load Range: 350 - 600 lbs
  • Industry Capacity: 1100 lbs
  • Hull Shape: Asymmetrical
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  • Length: 17'
  • Gunwale Width: 32"
  • Maximum Width: 35"
  • Waterline Width: 32"
  • Centre Depth: 14"
  • Bow Height: 21"
  • Stern Height: 18"
  • Bow Rocker: 2"
  • Stern Rocker: 1.25"

Laminates & Weights

Aluminum Trim
  • Kevlar Fusion45 lbs
  • Expedition Kevlar52 lbs
Carbon Kevlar Trim
  • Kevlar Fusion40 lbs
  • Expedition Kevlar48 lbs
  • Carbon Fusion38 lbs
  • Expedition Carbon42 lbs.
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Keewaydin 17

August 10, 2023

We bought the Keewaydin 17 in carbon fusion just 2 months, ago. We’ve day paddled it on the Oconomowoc River and tripped with it in Sylvania Wilderness. The performance is everything we expected. It tracks so nicely, yet glides at hull speed so effortlessly. I thoroughly enjoy staring at it.

The blue bow – fading to gray is mesmerizing. At 38 lbs, portaging and loading are far easier than all but my carbon fiber solo, which is 17’6” but weighs the same 38 lbs.

Bruce Tucker

Excellent Canoe

July 6, 2023

We are delighted with our new Keewaydin17. We purchased a two-tone Ruby-Champagne, kevlar fusion with carbon kevlar trim, cherry interior and sliding bow seat. it is exactly what we wanted. It is light, swift, tracks well but also is reasonably manoeuvrable. The bow sliding seat works great and the seats are the most comfortable canoe seats we have ever experienced. The carbon-kevlar gunwales are very comfortable against the knees and quads when paddling. They are not as hot in the sun as dark aluminum gunwales. The champagne bottom hides the scratch marks nicely. After several muddy portages the inside developed a bit of a “camo” appearance that remains even after cleaning the canoe after the trip. If that bothers you, then consider the optional interior gel coat. It does not bother us, as we prefer the character of the camo look vs the extra weight of the interior gel coat. We have not yet had the opportunity to paddle the canoe loaded in larger waves and stronger winds, but we expect it will perform well under those conditions as well. Customer service and delivery were excellent. The staff we dealt with were knowledgeable and responsive. The videos were very helpful in confirming our choice of canoe and trim, while shopping remotely.

James and Heather Thomas

Louisa, the original super canoe

February 9, 2022

I wanted a boat I could trip with my 10 year old and I could also paddle solo. I have a full carbon 2021 Kee-17 with a front sliding seat and carbon foot brace. She’s 44lbs +-. This allows us to single carry every portage (so far!). The sliding seat helps get my lightweight bow paddler as far forward as possible, both for his comfort and for better trim. We find her incredibly stable, even when I’ve stood in the canoe while sighting the best path thru a circuitous weed bed. She cuts thru the wind and heavy water very effectively, I’ve never felt in danger. From the removable middle seat with a portage bag up front I was perfectly balanced for solo paddling. My only small complaint is that the middle seat is not as comfortable for me as the stern, which I think has to do with the angle of the seat itself. But she does everything I wanted her to with aplomb. We named her for Lake Louisa in Algonquin park. She’s a super canoe.

Lyle McLachlan

La crème de la crème !

February 4, 2022

Canot idéal pour longue expédition , maintient facilement une bonne vitesse ( 7-8 km/h ) même lourdement chargé. Ne nécessite pas d’habilité particulière , il a un comportement très sain et prévisible ( peut-être trop… ), la vague d’un mètre sur grand lac n’est pas un soucis ! J’ai le modèle 2017 tout carbone ( 35 livres ) , il est très rigide-stiff ( idéal pour l’entrainement sportif ) et avec un minimum de soins et de précautions en 5 ans il est toujours impeccable malgré des milliers de kilomètres de pur plaisir .

Défauts : très beau et très cher … difficile de laisser le canot sans surveillance

philippe renaud

Best canoe on the market, hands down

February 3, 2022

We bought our first Keewaydin 17 (Carbon/Kevlar Fusion) in September of 2018, and since that time we have paddled and portaged thousands of kilometers of Ontario’s finest backcountry with our kids and dogs with ease and confidence. This boat is incredible, it is a dream to paddle. It inspires confidence in the roughest waters, and is a balanced, comfortable and smooth boat to paddle in any flat-water situation. Also, it’s incredibly quick, it cuts through the water like a hot knife through butter and is not overly affected by wind. Unfortunately our first Keewaydin 17 was destroyed by a tornado last summer, however, without a second thought we ordered a replacement Keewaydin 17 (Expedition Carbon) right away. Looking forward to ice-out this spring to get the new boat in the water. Follow me on instagram @wilderness.will for loads of more photos and stories of our adventures in our Swift Canoe. Feel free to reach out to me so I can tell you more about how incredible this canoe is. Buy one, you won’t regret it.

Will Walton

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