The Swift Story

Swift Canoe & Kayak

Swift Canoe & Kayak

When the Swift Team conceptualized, developed and started to build canoes in 1984 and kayaks in 1995, we set out to build the ultimate recreational, light touring and tripping boats to suit paddler’s needs. We started by focusing on the need for functional, technically advanced canoes and kayaks that provide true performance benefits to the consumer.

To achieve these goals, Swift sought out the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Each Swift canoe and kayak begins as a conceptual design and develops and grows with input from so many members of our team.

Our Research & Development team meets to formulate the new design features and determine the performance characteristics the boat will need. Next, our boat designers produce a prototype for trial use based on the insight of the R&D Team. The prototype then gets paddled by our staff, and more importantly, the intended end consumer. Once we have determined the final boat shape, the project is then turned over to the Swift Manufacturing Team. Our Swift Engineers fine tune the integral parts and boat ergonomics and produce the necessary tooling to put the boat into production.


Made in Canada

Canadian Made

Design and development is just the beginning. The Swift family has been serving paddlers for 50 years through our affiliate outfitting and rental business, Algonquin Outfitters. We have found no better trial for durability, longevity and performance than our rental fleet of over 1000 boats where every new Swift canoe and kayak is tested. Our consumers and everyone on the Swift Team demand the highest standards of quality in every Swift boat, and our production crew takes great pride in achieving these high standards. Our light, strong laminates are the product of our testing program and represent our dedication and commitment to producing the best canoes and kayaks possible. We are very proud that our boats are developed and produced in Canada and are respected within the industry as leaders in composite canoe and kayak technology.

Your Swift Boat

The final step is getting you the right Swift boat. Our sales staff and dealers are chosen for their knowledge, enthusiasm for paddling and commitment to service. Their goal is to see that you are satisfied and that you get the right boat for your needs. As you explore the website, you will see how our goal has been realized many times over in every boat that we build. No matter which Swift boat you choose, we feel confident that you will find it a source of lasting enjoyment and a boat you will be proud to own and paddle for many years.

Happy Paddling,
The Swift Team

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