Shown in Carbon Fusion – Galaxy finish, Carbon Kevlar Trim, Carbon Tech Package and High Back Seat


Cruiser 14.8

This lightweight, performance pack boat masterfully combines length, volume, and stability, to create the most versatile and popular pack boat Swift has ever designed. If you spend your backcountry adventures travelling light and fast the Cruiser 14.8 provides the speed of a touring kayak with the volume of a solo canoe, allowing you to pack without worry and portage with ease. Offering mid-range volume coupled with exceptional speed, the Cruiser 14.8 bears a design signature unlike anything on the market. Tucked-in gunnels at the forefront of the paddling station provide water access like a C1 racing canoe for maximum efficiency, and a rounded hull with a modern raised bow create stability comparable to a touring or recreational kayak. Snappy on the turn when leaned over in tight quarters, and more than capable if the waves come up, the Cruiser 14.8 is designed to handle whatever your adventures may entail.

Ideal For; Multi Day Tripping, Day Tripping, Fitness Paddling, Easy Portaging, Effortless Car Topping

Standard Options: Carbon Kevlar Trim, Carbon Seat Base, Cherry Handles & Thwarts and Carbon Decks, High Back Seat with Lumbar Support, Adjustable Kayak Foot Braces


Shown in Carbon Fusion – Galaxy finish, Carbon Kevlar Trim, Carbon Tech Package and High Back Seat

  • Optimum Load Range: 140 - 280 lbs
  • Industry Capacity: 400 lbs
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  • Length: 14'8"
  • Gunwale Width: 23.5"
  • Maximum Width: 27.5"
  • Waterline Width: 25"
  • Centre Depth: 11"
  • Bow Rocker: 2"
  • Stern Rocker: 1"

Laminates & Weights

Carbon Kevlar Trim
  • Kevlar Fusion26 lbs
  • Expedition Kevlar30 lbs
  • Carbon Fusion24 lbs
  • Expedition Carbon28 lbs.
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Perfect Solo Boat

November 7, 2022

I picked up a Cruiser 14.8 in Kevlar Fusion in October 2022 – thanks to Carmen for her help. This boat is everything I was looking for. Paddles like a touring kayak (quick, nimble and amazing in headwinds – cuts through the water) + the functionality of a tripping canoe. It really is the best of both worlds.

If you’re someone who wants effeciency and paddling performance but still have the utility and ability to do multi-day interior trips – this is the boat for you. I love it. Looking forward to many more trips.

Luc McCaw

My Cruiser 14.8 makes adventuring easy!

September 13, 2022

In August 2020 I picked up my Cruiser 14.8 in kevlar fusion from the Swift Algonquin Store and I am currently in my third canoe season with it. To start, the customer service I received there was fantastic. My cruiser has given me the ability to get around easily on backcountry adventures. As I am often solo, I am able to single carry it on long portages and I can easily load it on my vehicle . With lightweight gear I have packed it for trips up to 8 days. It paddles like a dream, moving quickly and tracking straight. It has handled well in windy conditions. It has held up well to all of the beaver dams and tricky landings.. It was a dream purchase for me and one that I continue to be very happy with !

Deanna Hindman

Paddling Bliss

September 10, 2022

I’m 61. I solo load my boats onto (and off of) a pickup truck. I would say this boat is worth its weight in gold but that phrase might be misleading, as the boat carries like a feather. It’s so danged light (I have the carbon fusion lay-up). I love it!! I’ve been paddling sea kayaks for 35 years and feel that this hull performs as well as any other boats I’ve had. It’s agile, stabile, has good carrying capacity and although not quite as speedy as one of my longer boats, it’s certainly no slouch. I’ve now had it in lakes, lazy rivers, swamps and salt marshes and it’s been a pleasure to paddle in all of these environments. In winds up to 15 knots (the highest I’ve been in with this boat), it shows little tendency to weather-cock. Just a really well-designed boat. And a looker to boot!

David Walker. I just submitted a more extensive review on I think it needs to be reviewed before being posted.

Solid performance

February 3, 2022

I purchased my Cruiser 14.8 after seeing one in a local shop, and just couldn’t get it out of my head. I was impressed with the quality, and attention to detail. Mine is a 2020 model, and when it arrived I had all my gear in the truck, and went strait to the water. I primarily use it for day tripping, and fitness. I’m 6’3″, and at the upper limits of the recommended user range. The 14.8 is light, tracks strait, yet easy to turn when you heel it over. I use a bent shaft, and kayak paddle depending on conditions. Often times both in the same outing. I think that the thing that impresses me most about the 14.8 is its’ sea worthiness. I have come out of areas of protected waters to find white caps between me, and the launch site. The 14.8 handles it all with ease. Just put your head down, and get to paddling the 14.8 will get you there safe and dry. The boat feels very lively, and it is, but when you heel it over the secondary stability feels as though you could sit there and eat lunch. It is Swift’s best selling pack boat, and for good reason.

Dave Scrivener

Dream Boat

February 2, 2022

I’ve owned my Cruiser 14.8 since the fall of 2020. I’ve taken three extended trips covering small ponds, narrow streams, large lakes and extended portages.

The boat has been stable, easy to maneuver and light enough to portage carrying all my gear for a multi-day trip.

Prior to owning this boat, I always needed to have an even number of paddlers when planning trips. Now I hope for an odd number so I can paddle this dream boat.

Todd Obbie

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