Shown in Kevlar Fusion – Boreal over Champagne with High Back Seat and Skeg

Light Touring

Saranac 15 LC

The Saranac 15 LC offers all of the speed and style of our lightweight kayaks, with a roomier cockpit for easier entry and exit and a little more leg room for long days on the water. It accelerates with ease and maintains speed with minimal effort, making it the easy choice for adventurous paddlers who don’t want to be limited to the confines of a standard touring sized cockpit.

Ideal For: Day Tripping, Multi Day Kayak Tripping, Easy Entry/Exit, Easy Portaging

Features: Contour Rubber Handles, Stainless Steel Security Bar, Bow and Stern Bulkheads, Bow and Stern Composite Hatches, High Back Seat with Lumbar Support, Perimeter Deck Lines, Comfort Side Pads, Adjustable Foot Braces

Shown in Kevlar Fusion – Boreal over Champagne with High Back Seat and Skeg

  • Optimum Load Range: 170 - 325 lbs
  • Industry Capacity: 525
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  • Length: 15'
  • Maximum Width: 24"
  • Centre Depth: 14"
  • Cockpit Size: 44" x 18"
  • Bow Hatch: 11.5" x 7.5"
  • Stern Hatch: 15.5" x 10"

Laminates & Weights

  • Kevlar Fusion38 lbs.
  • Carbon Fusion36 lbs.
  • Kevlar Fusion40 lbs.
  • Carbon Fusion38 lbs.
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Love it!

May 26, 2024

I’m 6’1” with size 15 feet, 185 pounds, and at arthritis age. Getting in and out of my former touring kayak, with its short cockpit and narrow keyhole, was nearly impossible. My new Saranac 15LC is the perfect boat for me. Sleek and long, it is fast and tracks beautifully with its adjustable skeg down. Skeg up, and I can nearly rotate it on its axis. Entry and egress are so easy with its 44” cockpit. I use a splash skirt to keep our South Carolina sun off my thighs.

I paddle with friends who are in Eddylines, Wilderness Systems, and Precisions. They are all very impressed with the beauty and sleekness of this boat. It has been transformational in my paddling enjoyment.

Allan Macdonald

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