Shown in Expedition Kevlar – Ruby over Champagne with Carbon Kevlar Trim with optional Multi Height Pods and Kayak Footbraces

Solo / Solo

Prospector 14

The Prospector 14 is the quintessential multi-purpose solo boat. If you prefer traditional paddling while kneeling with the boat heeled over, or sitting upright with your feet forward, the Prospector 14 can accommodate any paddling style. A high-volume hull with moderate width but ample tumblehome, it features a high weight capacity for long distance trippers but offers the performance and feel of a sleek high-efficiency design. Quick to turn and easy to control, you can take your Prospector 14 out for an afternoon of fishing or photography, or you can load it for days or weeks in the backcountry. Available with multi-height seatpods to create two canoe-style setups, or as a Pack boat with a kayak seat and footbraces, the Prospector 14 is designed to give you a multitude of options for your next wilderness adventure.

Standard Options: Fixed Contour Seat

Shown in Expedition Kevlar – Ruby over Champagne with Carbon Kevlar Trim with optional Multi Height Pods and Kayak Footbraces

  • Optimum Load Range: 150 - 400 lbs
  • Industry Capacity: 650 lbs
  • Hull Shape: Symmetrical
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  • Length: 14'
  • Gunwale Width: 28"
  • Maximum Width: 32"
  • Waterline Width: 28"
  • Centre Depth: 12.5"
  • Bow Height: 19.5
  • Stern Height: 19.5
  • Bow Rocker: 1"
  • Stern Rocker: 1"

Laminates & Weights

Aluminum Trim
  • Expedition Kevlar41 lbs
  • Kevlar Fusion34 lbs
Carbon Kevlar Trim
  • Expedition Kevlar34 lbs
  • Kevlar Fusion29 lbs
  • Carbon Fusion27 lbs
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Rated 5 out of 5
September 9, 2022

I recently purchased a prospector 14 Kevlar fusion for fast efficient solo tripping. I’m 6’2″ 220 lbs. I added the multi height seat pods, carbon foot bar, skid plates, sassafras carrying yoke and basalt innegra finish. I carry a single 30 lb portage pack so with the 31 lb boat single portages are a breeze. BTW it’s a joy to paddle

John Russo

Nothing compares ... so I bought it.

Rated 5 out of 5
February 17, 2022

I’m in WY … a couple of hours from the Wind Rivers and am 74 … needed a light and stable canoe for fishing in the many small lakes. Most similar canoes available in the area were 50 pounds or more … this one is 30 pounds. That is huge when you load it on top of a camper and then portage it to the water. The dog refuses to help … so it was a no-brainer.

Dick Kent

Not a disappointment!

Rated 5 out of 5
February 3, 2022

After 3 years of extensive use back country paddling, fishing, tripping, and all done with a dog on board this boat delivers on all aspects expected!
It has been a key feature on my YouTube channel Open Air Outdoors and I could only replace the Prospector 14 with a Prospector 14.
Bravo Swift on creating such a wonderful product!

Marc LeRiche

Perfect canoe for all my needs!

Rated 5 out of 5
February 3, 2022

Easy to load and unload by myself. Tracks beautifully. Perfect for lakes and moving water. Regardless of load, or lack thereof, it’s easily handled. Stable when heeled over or if my dog is moving around. I can stand to cast my flyrod. Beautifully made. Only had my Swift for one season so far. Looking forward to some multiday trips this year!

Jackie Bland

I love this boat!

Rated 5 out of 5
February 3, 2022

I’m 63 and still canoe tripping, albeit more comfortably because of my Swift Prospector 14. It’s light weight for portaging and loading/unloading from my truck but can carry the gear I need. It’s stable in rough water and tracks like a charm. It’s not a racing boat, but whoever heard of racing through a wilderness canoe journey? I love being able to adjust the seat between its lower and upper settings. I didn’t think sitting towards the bottom of the boat would make a big difference in windy conditions, but it does . . . a lot! Lastly, like all the Swift models, it’s a thing of beauty when in its element on a lake.

Ed Englert

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